How 2 Start up Your Own Fashion Label

March 23, 2018

MADNESS wants to help elevating the creative industry in Shanghai. With #MADInspiration #entrepreneurs from a particular industry share their experience and opinion how to grow as a new start-up brand. MADNESS interviewed four industry experts with Go NAT's Founder, Natalia Grishkova, being one of them.

Natalia Grishkova, Master in fashion, living in Hongkong and born in Russia. A story as unique as her own fashion label called "GO NAT’s". A combination of luxury and edgy women’s wear established 2016 in Hong Kong.


Natalia considered to start in Shanghai. It is because it has a good base to grow, because it has a large and multicultural market. However, she was not familiar with the Chinese procedures, while Hong Kong has a very efficient and transparent procedure to start a business. Next to that, she was living in Hong Kong already.


Natalia has been trying to create brand awareness on multiple social media platforms such as Instagram and Not Just A Label, but also collaborate with bloggers and events. For a luxury fashion label like Natalia's, a good balance between online and offline is important. Natalia does believe that in the future, online is getting more important because it saves time and effort, but for luxury brands offline presence is a must. Consumers are not likely to buy expensive luxury goods from a brand they don't know without feeling and trying it on. Don't focus too much on competition. The main key factor to be successful is uniqueness and individuality.


"Don't be afraid to do! Learn from your mistakes... If something you don't know, you always can learn through experience. Think 10 steps ahead and never stop exploring the market you are targeting at, especially in fashion."

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